Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ah, SLife!

This has been *quite* a week. RL and SL style. I've been dealing with a very strange sinus infection that seems to have affected my ears and my equilibrium, so I've been off work for the last 5 days. Which is a welcome respite, and has been spoiling me a bit, to be honest. Some downtime and time to spend with Katie is always good time.

MrPlow seems to have found his calling in SL, building things, apparently. He's found himself a plot of land, built a garage and even bought himself a truck and some tools. Talk about art imitating life! Hah!

I'm way proud of Kimala, d, Willa and Clynt...they've been busy cooking up new ideas and new schedule for the Bistro, and Kim's right...stay the course. Build it, and they will come. Both of our groups have been reaching new milestones, as they've passed 100 and I'm holding steady at 99, looking to break into the triple digits this weekend :)

I'm proud of Cal too...getting back to his custom building, trying to make himself some money to buy some new clothes ;) Hopefully we can all think of fancy things for him to build for all of our respective business needs :)

mikki had her big fashion show this past weekend, and that was a blast. I got myself a beautiful dress to pimp her shop with, even if the skirt DID eat half of my inventory ;) Jussssst kidding!

Iso, Portie and I continue to make progress toward the launching of the Nina Brandenburg/Kerry Kincanon website, showcasing my music to both RL and SL a very Heath Vercher/Elvejhem way.

I'm also thinking of moving out of my skybox and getting a bit of earth to call my own. I went to visit Yurie this week and saw his beautiful home, and his beautiful gardens, and it got me yearning for more. more. Hopefully that's something I can accomplish between shows and socializing :)

I'll be back later, as ever....