Sunday, October 19, 2008

Stompin' at the Savoy...Ninny Live!

SLive Music. Howboutit?! Seriously, you figure, there's got to be more to SL than shopping, trivia and.....*shakes head*. Yeah. Anyhow....I've been so excited and blessed to start my SLive singing career! People have been so supportive and it makes me that much more sure that this is something I should be doing :) And I've wanted to for so long now....I guess 3 month hiatus' and a limited schedule sometimes makes things difficult, but you have to go for what you want sometimes :) And god, do I love to sing.

You kinda forget how much, after the years have passed and you're working this thankless schleppfest of a job and raising a toddler...just how much you loved the crowd. And the god. The songs. Wrapping your voice around something by Sir Duke or a swanky version of THAT'S better than sex. Well...*nod* Yes. It is. *laugh* I'm so jazzed to be doing this. Now I have an excuse to buy fancy dresses and get cute pictures taken :)

I've learned a few things, however. Get your damn lyrics sheets up BEFORE you start taking on a song you don't know 100%. Give people perms to your group so you're not trying to sing, add people, thank people for tips and type shout outs, all while trying to handle your animations (whew!). And lastly, and perhaps more importantly, do not drink an entire magnum of Savignon Blanc while you're singing. That makes for slurry stuff :)

Make sure you come check out the show...Tuesdays, 10AM SL Time...and also, random evenings TBA as we plod through this. And much love to Crighton...who puts up with me and let's me stomp all over his Savoy.

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