Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy One Year Anniversary :)

Today is a special day. It's the one year anniversary of the place I love more than anything in the metaverse--The Savoy Jazz Club. The owner, Crighton Johin, also happens to be one of my bestest friends. It's the place where I've met some of the most amazing people in my life, and the place where I reconnect with my spirit and my soul, because it's where I do most of my singing these days. I guess you'd call me the....'resident songbird' of the Savoy :) You can find me there singing every Tuesday afternoon and Saturday night, and awful lot of time in between, soaking up Crighton's straight head jazz, or Gany's eclectic mix, or Iso's blues...All of it, wonderful. Along with the wonderful company :) Congratulations Crighton and the wonderful DJs and Hosts of the Savoy Jazz. What a year it's's to another wonderful one ahead of us!


Crighton Johin said...


Thank you Nina. You are a big part of the Savoy and why we have grown recently. I'm fortunate to have you as a friend and to have you as a performer at The Savoy.

Thank you!

Kimala said...

The Savoy is such a success story - it is exciting to see how a small club with such a concentrated focus has been consistent and successful for a year!! It gives me hope :) Stay the course seems to be the message.

AND I am thankful for all the friends and opportunities it has brought to me :) ... including the opportunity to hostess for the INFAMOUS Nina B :)